You ≠ Your Startup

This is the type of post I wish someone shared with me two years ago. In corporate America I was a number. Make no mistake — you are too. The truth of corporate life is that your worth to the company is 100% tied to your usefulness. Somewhere a manager has you as an expense in an excel spreadsheet. If you can’t … Read More

The ‘Add an S’ Heuristic. (Last Mover Advantage)

My Mom has an incredibly vast vocabulary. I love doing things with my Mom. Naturally, these collisions of interest led us both to the game of Scrabble. As a kid, I’d find moments to fit in games, usually a matchup of titans that also included my younger brother. My Mom would always play very unique, impressive words with solid point … Read More

Most startups should be tweets

As a creator, you should always aim to nudge the ideas you feel are valuable to others out into the world. This is the art of idea deployment. To do this well, you as the creator have to think carefully about which reality deployment channel your idea best fits into. Would it be best presented as a scientific paper? A painting? A blog? A conversation? … Read More

Why Puzzles Are Awesome

I’m home for Thanksgiving for a few days, and I’ve rekindled a love for a hobby long forgotten: puzzles. Puzzles are totally awesome, plain and simple. Aside from being a fun activity to do with friends, puzzles possess other benefits which I shall relay to you now. Why puzzles are totally awesome: You’re investing in an experience First off, when you choose … Read More