Betabox exists to ensure that impactful hands-on learning is happening everywhere.

If we execute and grow we think we can have a leveraged effect on the education system in three ways:

  1.  Show that education’s stakeholders (companies & parents) desire their children are taught in a hands-on manner.
  2. Supply economically viable ways to scale experiential learning options.
  3. Support services that help sustain and support experiential learning options over the long term.

We are proving the first need on a school by school basis through our onsite field trip service Betabox Experiences.

Through partnerships & innovation we are lowering the per hour cost of high-quality experiential learning to economically compete with the Sage on a Stage model. 

Our upcoming announcements will show how we will deliver the long term EL support layers that teachers and administrators need to permanently adopt EL at scale. 

You can follow the company via my update letter, view our roadmap, and view our open positions.