Sean Newman Maroni is the Founder / CEO of Betabox, Inc. After studying mechanical engineering at NC State University, Sean founded Betabox to accelerate traditional education’s adoption of experiential learning approaches.

Betabox as of 2017 has enabled hands-on learning experiences for more than 300,000 young people all across the US. The company has generated more than $1m in revenue and become an important partner to the education system in the southeastern US. Betabox has been featured in CNN Money and Popular Mechanics.

In addition to Betabox Sean is also the co-founder of Nest Raleigh, a 12,000 sqft co-working space for creatives.

As a systems thinker and organization designer, Sean’s skill is the ability to tinker and test new systems in the real-world.

He is passionate about education, manufacturing, the environment, and meaningful work.