The communication habit you’re missing

Saying hard things to people that matter Once upon a time Seneca said: ‘We suffer more in imagination than reality.’ — Seneca He’s dead on. Especially when it comes to having hard conversations with people that matter in life. Many people would rather consume themselves with fear than have a hard conversation. Super sensible right? But why are we so fearful of bringing … Read More

Dear Noise

You’re the buzz in my pocket. You’re the errant LinkedIn request. You’re the little red push notification. You’re the embodied entirety of Twitter. You’re the thing that breaks my flowstate. The blimp on the map that throws me off the journey. I hate what you are. Worse, I hate what you’ve made me become. I can’t resist you. I’ve allowed … Read More

Why Puzzles Are Awesome

I’m home for Thanksgiving for a few days, and I’ve rekindled a love for a hobby long forgotten: puzzles. Puzzles are totally awesome, plain and simple. Aside from being a fun activity to do with friends, puzzles possess other benefits which I shall relay to you now. Why puzzles are totally awesome: You’re investing in an experience First off, when you choose … Read More